The stork's first job when it arrives at the breeding ground is to make sure it settles in a nest. Most of the time, this nest is built on a PPC pillar, on the roofs and chimneys of houses, church bell towers and generally in places where there is visual contact for the stork to control potential predators. When they do not find nests, they often make their own on low and medium voltage PPC poles with the risk of causing fire, burning newborns, being injured or even killed by electric shock by hitting cables. Our company for the protection of storks manufactures nests from GRP with perimeter galvanized mesh to hold the branches. The nests are carefully placed on the PPC columns, contributing to the survival and safe stay of the storks in our place. Our company has been building stork nests for 20 years, supplying PPC, municipalities and individuals with stork nests, thus contributing to the survival of storks, in the first place, and their return to us in the coming years because the stork always returns to the nest where it was born.

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