Rescue trailer, with closed superstructure of dimensions 4500mm length, 2000mm width and 1650 mm height that has solidly installed:

  • Power generating pair maximum power of continuous operation 42 kVA
  • 10bar air compressor with 250 liter gas port.
  • Telescopic rotating LED floodlights pneumatically open with remote control at a height of 5700mm.
  • Power distribution panel.

Tool racks as standard equipment:

  • One (1) percussion and rotary air hammer
  • One (1) percussion air hammer with pistol grip
  • One (1) impact air hammer with side handles
  • Five (5) air hoses 5x20 m
  • One (1) air wrench (bolt wrench).
  • One (1) angle grinder
  • One (1) nailing air
  • One (1) tire air gauge
  • One (1) air hose 20 m
  • One (1) chain hoist of two (2) tons.
  • One (1) crane attractive of three (3) tons.
  • Two (2) three tones rope sleeves.
  • Two (2) 50 ton hydraulic jacks
  • One (1) jigsaw - Power Sword Saw.
  • One (1) percussive rotary current.
  • One (1) shock impact drill.
  • One (1) battery nailer.
  • One (1) angle power wheel.
  • Two (2) cable ties 50 meters with a winder.
  • (the equipment is adjusted according to the needs)

It also has interior lighting and the necessary additional space for the installation of extra equipment.

The trailer has a frame made of galvanized steel, two axles of movement 3,600kg with independent suspensions on the wheels, front auxiliary wheel, suitable braking system and parking brake, all the necessary Highway Code lights, spare wheel and folding arms in each four corners for its stabilization during the operation of its equipment. The superstructure of the trailer is metal with corrosion protection giving robustness combined with the low weight of the whole construction. It has around the perimeter, on the back and sides five doors of dimensions 1710mm width X 1350mm height. Each of these doors opens outwards and upwards. The door openings provide easy access, especially to the controls of the internally installed equipment, adequate ventilation for their operation as well as access to the tool racks and the storage area of ​​the accompanying equipment. The overhead structure has on its roof internal, luminaires with protectors, of appropriate overall intensity for the adequate lighting of its interior space for night work.